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23 Self-Isolation Activities for Outdoorsy Folk

For many of us, getting outside exploring and being active borders on being a basic need. For us to function optimally, it is almost as essential as eating food and drinking water. And if we don’t get our fix, things can go downhill quickly.

Right now, many of you will be experiencing self-isolation. In the following months this may become enforced isolation for longer periods of time than we might be comfortable with. This will pose a great deal of challenges for us all, and taking care of our mental health will become as important as staying physically healthy.

Staying positive through all of this is the best possible thing we can focus on. But that can be easier said than done, especially for outdoorsy folk who draw so much positivity from spending time in the wild.

So to ensure that we all stay sane and as healthy as possible during these unpredictable and changing times, I’ve put together a list of activity ideas to do at home. Most of them are pretty easy to implement if you are feeling well. And a few of them can even be done if you’re not feeling tip-top. Enjoy!

  1. Learn to whittle
  2. Buy from an independent outdoor retailer
  3. Have a outdoor movie night
  4. Listen to an adventure podcast
  5. Cook your dinner over a campfire

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